Christian Music History Lesson: ‘Lead Me’ from Sanctus Real

Sweet Sweet Sounds celebrates our sixth birthday on Saturday, October 29th.

When this blog started, it was called You Have Heard It Sung, which was a word play on Jesus’ phrase from the sermon on the mount, ‘You have heard that it was said.’ This blog has changed a few times since it began six years ago, but it is still living up to my dream of connecting Christian Music directly to the teachings of our faith and the scriptures. As with most birthday’s some reflecting is in order, so why not take a moment to look back in time and relive the song that was leading the charts when God led me to begin my blogging journey.

I thought you would recognize this song! ‘Lead Me,’ from Sanctus Real’s album Pieces of a Real Heart, was an instant favorite of mine the first time I heard it. My wife and I had just celebrated our first anniversary a few months back, and as we enjoyed this song, we were walking together through her first pregnancy. This song became a prayer of mine for our young family and I can remember a few times I had to close my office door at Brewton-Parker College so my co-workers wouldn’t see me tear up. To this day, I still pause when I hear the song on the radio or through my prime music player. ‘Lead Me,’  is certainly an epic song!

Matt Hammitt who was then the lead singer of Sanctus Real, often spoke of the bands desire to provide truth in songs so that listeners can feel a connection to their lives. ‘Lead Me,’ hits the part of every Godly man that wants to live well in their marriage.  The chorus line, ‘Don’t leave me, hungry for love, chasing dreams, but what about us,’ attaches to a man’s natural desire to plan life out and pursue his dreams, but challenges him to put life in proper perspective, and put his marriage above his dreams. In reality, one of our biggest dreams for our lives is often the happy, love filled marriage, so it makes sense that we should be putting our beloved first. It’s just best if we come to this knowledge before our wives have to ask us where our priorities are.

lead-meThis powerful song topped Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart for 9 weeks straight, and even stayed in top 25 for an entire year! Apparently I wasn’t the only one who found a lot of meaning in this song. In fact, Lead Me has even transformed it’s original singer’s life. Matt Hammitt and his wife now lead Lead Me events that focus of men’s issues and strengthening marriages. I am quite happy to know that this song was leading the charts when God led me to begin sharing my thoughts through this blog. I look forward to seeing all that God will lead Sweet Sweet Sounds to. – Timothy

‘Lead Me’ is the 4th track on Pieces of a Real Heart from Sanctus Real.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 5 Stars


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