Pick 5 Fifth! October 31st, 2016.

I grew up as a Southern Baptist, and one thing that was common among SBC churches growing up and during my college years was a 5th Sunday Sing. On a 5th Sunday in the same month, the preacher would get the evening service off and the congregation would sing hymns together. In the spirit of my up bringing, since we’ve hit the 5th Monday of October, let’s have a good ol’ pick five list. Respond to the poll and tell me your favorite from the list! – Timothy

While many are celebrating a holiday that focus’ on fear and death, Our October Pick 5 confronts some of Halloween’s favorite topics with songs from His People.

Whom Shall I Fear – Chris Tomlin

‘The God of angel armies, is right here by my side.’ Talk about having a strong defense. Chris Tomlin’s Whom Shall I Fear makes a pretty powerful case for why there is no need for a Christian to live in fear. There is nothing that can prevail over our Lord, so his is one reason Christians do not need to give a second thought to fear. (From the album Burning Lights – 2013)

The Blood Still Works – JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise

So how many people did you see today with too much red makeup on their face? If it’s blood you want to talk about, why not talk about the saving power found in the Blood of Jesus? These songs to happy for Halloween? Just remember we can praise God on any day of the calendar. 🙂 (From the album I See Victory – 2014)

Til The Day I Die – TobyMac

Death is a topic often associated with Halloween. In Toby Mac’s case, he might be singing ‘Til the Day I die.’ He even mentions a halloween favorite in the song, the good ol’ coffin. Of course, he is not singing about the fear of death or celebrating it, Toby is making a commitment to proclaim Jesus and his love until he dies. Much better reason for talking about death, don’t you agree? (From the album This Is Not A Test – 2015)

The Valley – Ellie Holcomb

Darkness and Shadows? Our God will come and find us when we find ourselves in darkness and despair. God can take the gloom we promote on Halloween and bring us Joy. I like Joy better than Gloom, don’t you? (From the album As Sure As The Sun – 2014)

Christ Arose – Hymn sung by the Kingdom Quartet

What would Halloween be without someone coming back from the Grave? Jesus came back from the dead, but he was fully alive. It’s rare I’ll share some acapella on Sweet Sweet sounds, but zombies just don’t have anything on the story of Jesus and his resurrection.

(Thanks for visiting, and a hearty shout out to all those who are NOT celebrating Halloween. – Timothy)


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