Site News: November Preview

Another month is in the books, and we can official say ‘Hello,’ to November.

October marked the first full month of Sweet Sweet Sounds return, and it there was a lot to enjoy. We welcomed our first ever guest writer, Tabitha, from the GSUS LUVS U blog. We also saw the return of our ‘Artist on the Horizon,’ series and welcomed over 100 fans of Alex Nicolette. This blog also celebrated 6 years of posts with it’s largest month for viewers ever! Thank you, and I hope you’ll hang around for what God brings our way next.

americanprodigalsquareYou will recall last month I mentioned we would be giving away a copy of American Prodigal, the latest album from Crowder. After researching the things I need to do to be sure I fair event, I decided to wait. However, I still have a CD to giveaway, so stay tuned!

What else can you expect, another Christian Music History Lesson, another new artist, and maybe another guest writer. The best way to know, is to check in often! See you soon! Timothy



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