‘I Look to The King’ from Meredith Andrews

‘…He(Jesus) who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords.’ 1 Timothy 6:15 (ESV)

My fellow Americans, and by that I means those in the United States, our election season will come to a close today. (Hopefully) If you feel like you are choosing between King Saul and Queen Jezebel this year, you’d have no shortage of company with you. Please join me in remembering today that no matter who our new President and elected officials will be, it will not effect our leadership structure as Christians. Listen to Meredith Andrews’ ‘I Look to The King,’ to be reminded why. (Lyrics)

‘On the battlefield where the fight is waged, My enemy is real and my courage fades.’ The very first words of this song could be used to describe the last two years of pre-election politics. However, while we can survey a very real battle field with some pretty important implications, we cannot forget to turn our eyes back to our home. Neither Trump, nor Clinton will be sitting in an oval office in heaven. If we want to see what the end of this war will look like, stop looking at polls and starting gazing at our King, Jesus!

meredith-andrews-2I can give you one easy example of why we can hope that our lives will be different one day. These two potential world leaders are not being spun as perfect, or anything close. Their own parties are just stumping on the fact that one presumably has less imperfections than the other. Our King, the ‘Immortal, Invincible God,’ will rule nothing like any President ever has or ever will.

Keep in mind that His Kingdom is not just a will be thing, either. Jesus is king now, and you who are a Christian are an ambassador of that kingdom each and every day. Election results will not change our calling to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, care for the unloved, and proclaim salvation in Jesus! King Jesus has a very simple platform message, ‘Repent of your sins & live for others, as I lived for you.’ That is the message that should have the vote of all who believe, because it is the message we accepted when we first believed.

I know that you must be election weary, like so many others in our country, but today most of all, join me in looking to our King, the definition of love, Jesus. – Timothy

‘I Look to the King,’ is the third track on the 2016 album, Deeper from Meredith Andrews.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 3 stars


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