We Know Love: ‘Wait For Me’ from Rebecca St. James

‘Love is Patient…’ 1 Corinthians 13:4 (ESV)

I have been purchasing Christian music this past year more than I have at any time in my life. I never knew just how many artists will throw a love song on a new album, and I think this is awesome. 1 Corinthians 13 has the greatest monologue on love possibly ever penned in human history, and these principles can serve as the core to any romance any Christian would pursue. It makes perfect sense to me, that the voices who proclaim God’s love would take some time to sing about the blessing of love they have been given in their spouse or their hope for one to come.

As I eagerly awaited meeting my future wife in high school and college, I often would have ‘Wait For Me,’ from Rebecca St. James playing in my Discman. This was the first song I can remember as a direct love song recorded by a Christian Artist. I grew up knowing that God had a plan for me to get married one day. The desire in my heart was almost an obsession, and many of my college buddies could tell you the stories of our late night prayer sessions as we awaited meeting our brides to be. When I would play ‘Wait For Me,’ I found comfort and strength to keep waiting for my beloved and to wait the right way.

Rebecca St James married  Jacob Fink in April of 2011.

Rebecca St James married Jacob Fink in April of 2011.

To those of you who are listening to this song for the first time, knowing you have already missed the chance to wait for that one you are to marry, you still have the chance to wait from this day forward.  Even as Rebecca St. James is hoping that her spouse is waiting for her, she pens these honest words. ‘Now, I know you may have made mistakes, but there’s forgiveness and a second chance.’ I can tell you that there are those who are waiting for you today, even if you’ve made the mistake you can’t take back. Our culture may have made sex as common as a first kiss, but that doesn’t need to be you. You can choose to wait.

A blog like this is not a place to dive into all of your story or that of your loved ones, but I know that there are Christians living each day waiting for you to bring them down an aisle and give them their favorite ring. For those who are curious, Rebecca found her husband, Jacob Fink, in 2010, ten years after she released this song. Sometimes waiting is a long and painful process, as I can tell you from personal experience. However, waiting is one clear way to show your future spouse that their love is important to you. It’s one way that We Know Love. – Timothy

‘Wait For Me’ was first released on Rebecca St. James’ 2000 album Transform as the 8th track.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 4 Stars


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