‘Bury the Workmen’ from Unspoken

Then they cast him out of the city and stoned him. And the witnesses laid down their garments at the feet of a young man named Saul.” Acts 7:58

So remember that last song I posted on from Deitrick Haddon? This post, here. The idea of that song was that sometimes Christians run from their calling to live as lights to this world. ‘Bury the Workmen’ from Unspoken’s debut album is another great song for helping you and me gain some heavenly focus. Listen to this song if you would like some new energy for your mission each day.

‘You can bury the workmen, but His work will go on.’ While it is an obvious starting point for such as song as this, the reference to Stephen in the first verse is a spot on illustration of this point. The very person that stood in approval of the murder of Stephen is the one that God chose to carry the gospel in such a way that is now echos through out history. The work went on after Paul died too, and down through the generations. You and I are proof that the work of the Apostles was successfully carried on by those who came after them. When we take this thought literally there is some comfort to be found. 

unmarked-2Before you hop to another sight feeling all fuzzy inside, I would ask you to think a bit deeper. Fast forward to today and you will find that Satan doesn’t always put his competition six feet under anymore. He no longer seeks to put every follower of Jesus in a bodybag, he just often buries us figuratively in our guilt and shame. After all, you will never proclaim the gospel if you feel like its power hasn’t done anything. Does this sound like anyone you know?

This song has a nice cure for this problem, though. Remember that, ‘When the Spirit’s moving, His Will will be done.’ This line should serve as a two sided reminder of God’s work. First, God’s Spirit will accomplish what He desires, regardless of how effective or ineffective an individual is. On a second, more personally comforting note, this also applies to God’s power to redeem you and me. When we commit ourselves to Christ, it is His will that we become more like Him. His will cannot be thwarted! Yes we can stumble, but as an older tune reminds us, ‘He who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it!’

When you have the chance to stand for Christ, remember that God will ensure His work goes on!- Timothy

‘Bury the Workman’ is the 11th track on Unspoken, the debut album of Unspoken.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 4 Stars


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