Even When It’s Hard….

“Why does life have to be so hard?” said….. you, me, that other person who just read this post….okay, so just about anyone.

Do those words sound familiar? What about these words?

‘Wish it could be easy. Why is life so messy? Why is pain a part of us?’

No, this is not another adage you should be familiar with, and while these are thoughts we’ve all dealt with from time to time, there is a reason I chose these words. This is because they are the words that begin a song that is a personal favorite of mine. That song is ‘Steady My Heart,’ from Kari Jobe.

I’ve been playing this song a good bit recently, because I can tell you my heart has not felt steady of late. I love how a good song has the power to bring us into a right focus with regards to our relationship to God. Consider with me where the song starts, at a place where words confess a feeling of struggle.

‘There are days I feel like, nothing ever goes right.’

We might want to change the words to says that there are weeks, months, or for some of us even years that seem jam-packed with hardships and pain. The hurt just keeps piling up, and either you get to a place where you are quick to lash out or you retreat into the pain. Neither of these reactions are necessary for a Christian! The feelings of shame or betrayal are real, but so is the Savior we claim and his power to restore our lives.

Think about it, the Bible tells us that if we are in Christ, we are a new creation. We often like to think about this teaching as a one and done event, but since salvation requires a daily commitment to living in the place of Christ, each day we can receive a restoration. We can also rely on His call for us to place our burdens at his feet and take his yoke, which is light. Once we do this, maybe well feel the ease and steady that comes from being in communion with Jesus. This is the feeling of a steady heart, to be in fellowship with Jesus. Join me today in seeking Jesus and the calm life with him offers. I know you have personal, desperate trials. I do too. However, if we trust Jesus for eternal salvation from sin, why can’t we trust him for daily salvation too? – Timothy

‘Steady My Heart,’ is the lead track on Kari Jobe’s 2012 album, Where I Find You.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 4 Stars


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