There’s nothing more powerful, than the sound of Your voice.

IMG_20170424_200350669This past weekend, my family and I welcomed a dog into our home, and all weekend long our 65lb lab/mix has been learning to recognize the power of my and my wife’s voices. It is my voice that tells our dog when she must sit and when she can play. When I am at the office, it is my wife’s voice that reminds our dog that in our home couches are only for people. (Don’t get angry, you well seasoned dog lovers.) In this way, my voice has some pretty significant power over the life of my dog, but that’s nothing compared to the voice of God.

‘And God said, “Let there be Light.” and there was light.’ Genesis 1:3 (ESV)

Try that one sometime. This is the message that Jaci Velasquez reminds us of in her 2012 song, ‘The Sound of Your Voice.” The Genesis accounts are great examples of God power, and thus they are the subject of the songs first verse. However, verse two brings things back to a personal place.

“You speak, calling my name. You speak, and I’m never the same. How my heart thrills, as you whisper away all my fears.”

It’s wonderful to know the God who made all things has a voice that can personally touch each of us through the indwelling Holy Spirit. Those of you reading who are Christians know you would be thrilled to hear this voice speaking to you so all can hear, but even though God doesn’t speak this way, it only confirms the personal nature God has for each of us. Its understandable that we’d look for a voice that speaks in an obvious way, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t speaking when it’s less obvious.

When our dog joined our family on Friday, it was clear that this first time dog owner was speaking in a language I didn’t intend to, which interfered in her accepting my instructions. If a dog can learn to read our body language, maybe you and I can learn to read God’s love and instruction that comes from the quiet promptings of the Spirit. So whether you’d like file away my story from this past weekend, or let this song ring in your head a few times, I ask you to spend some time thinking on our God’s powerful voice. When we accept His power, letting Him have control becomes easier too.  – Timothy

‘The Sound of Your Voice’ is the third track on Jaci Velasquez’s 2012 album, Diamond.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 3 Stars


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