Missing from the Radio: Dear John

Have you ever listened to an album and wondered why that song you like isn’t playing on the radio for all to hear? Me Too!

So this may be a bit of a stretch, but I assume since you are reading this blog, you know a little bit about this awesome singer named Mandisa. Yes, she’s the one who gave us Good Morning, Stronger, Overcomer, and He is With You. All awesome songs, right? So why is it that one of her best songs has never been played over the air waves?

Sure, the song has a fun beat but more importantly this message is powerful. How often does an artist succeed in presenting a directly evangelistic message that is not too corny or soaking with Christianese? ‘Dear John’ is a rare gem in this way. Think of all the Chris Tomlin praise songs that are great for the churched, but just will not connect to a hurting seeker? Dear John is completely different, tackling the idea of hurt and simply testifying that God can make things better for the one who will let Him. Dear John is a catchy pop song that asks the seeker to consider the possibility that God can change their life for the better. This song is an honest effort to give a seeker a reason to consider the gospel. Why aren’t Christian stations clamoring to play this song?

Unfortunately, the window to get this song on the air waves regularly has closed. Our largest radio stations already have newer songs coming from Mandisa, and with a new release just around the corner, there is just no reason to ever expect to hear this song on K-Love. That is unless Mandisa steps in and calls for it’s release. So, while I know her new project has some great tracks on it, I’m going to call for one more song from the Overcomer album to make it’s way into stations everywhere. No really, here is the Tweet.

You are welcome to just enjoy the song all by yourself if you’d like, but why not join me in the twitterverse and call for this song to be a radio single? Either way, Dear John is a great song, so be sure to share it with your friends, or even better, pay for their download. Happy Listening – Timothy

‘Dear John’ is the seventh track on the previously mentioned album, Overcomer, released by Mandisa in 2013.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 4 Stars


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