#Pick5Fifth : May 5th 2017

What better day to return with a #Pick5Fifth than 5.5? Kick off your Cinco De Mayo with some great songs that are all the 5th track on their respective albums.

(1) I’ll Be Alright from Beckah Shae

Beckah Shae is currently my favorite lady of Chrisitan Music, so it only seems right that I’d start the fun with the fifth track from her latest album, Mighty. I’ll Be Alright was released as a radio single last fall, and is a great example the excellent work form Beckah Shae. This tune is also uplifting, encouraging us to know that living with God has a tendency to work out all right.

(2) I’m on Fire from We Are Messengers

We are Messengers has an excellent debut album by the same name, and every track is great. However, the fifth song is a particularly hot track. I’m On Fire is a song about the connection we can have with our savior. The closer we walk with God, the brighter our fire blazes!

(3) The Blood Song from Kirk Franklin

Sure, this song may not be the most upbeat track of today’s collection, but I can’t help but think of how great the celebrations will be when we can get our differences out of the way and just worship and fellowship together. The blood of Christ covers us all, as the fifth track from the Rebirth of Kirk Franklin will reminds us.

(4) Wake Me Up (Amnesia) from Group 1 Crew

To get back to the fun, an easy choice is Wake Me Up from the album Power. Group 1 Crew usually has upbeat songs, but they also have a great skill for lyric crafting. We all struggle with the highs and lows of Christian Living. Some days we’re on fire, but on other days we forget who we belong to. When we forget, God can wake us up!

(5) Children of God from Sommer Floyd

To conclude our pick five journey, let’s return to our Artist of the Month, Sommer Floyd. Children of God is the fifth tune from her debut album, Ray Of Light. Children of God is a worship song that calls us to remember that our job as God’s children is to sing His praises. Feel free to sing along after listening a time or two.

Not ready for the fun to stop? Why not hop over to twitter and chirp a bit about your favorite tune from this edition of #Pick5Fifth. Oh look, there’s even a hashtag for it. See you there!


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