Saturday Night Call to Worship: “Stained Glass Windows” from Daniel Doss

As my readers are well aware, I enjoy finding new artists to share with you. I recently downloaded the album, ‘Praise The King’ from Daniel Doss, and found it quite enjoyable. This project is obviously a worship album and I enjoyed every song. So instead of picking just one song to write about from the album for this week’s Call to Worship, I asked Daniel Doss through his facebook page what song he would want me to share with you. This was his pick.

This song is near and dear to Daniel, as it relates to the struggle and angst Daniel and his wife went through as they sought God’s will for the growth of their family. Our dreams for our life are hard things to let go of. In my life, I struggled in loneliness for years waiting to meet Caroline, my wife, but for Daniel and his wife that hardship was the desire for children they could not have. (Watch his recap on the inspiration for this song).

“Last week I walked on Water, today I’m sinking low.”

It’s a story you may have experienced in your own way too. One day you are experiencing triumphs and then out of the blue, those highs turn into a deep, dark valley. This is particularly true when we invest a good share of effort into achieving our dreams only for the to be shattered so thoroughly that they just can’t be pieced back together. It is this place where Stained Glass Windows was born.

GlassChristian or not, when you have no choice but to stare your shattered dreams eye to eye, it is a hurtful place. For some this is a point of salvation, others a time of rebirth in the faith, and still others will resolve more steadfastly to reject God. Daniel’s song offers a perspective that we all need to hear. Maybe our shattered dreams are a way God removes our earthly ideas form our lives in order to restore us into the magnificent pictures we become as we walk more closely with Him.

Saturday Night Call to Worship is your chance to reflect on how you can prepare you’re life for worship before the car ride to your local worship service. Tonight, join me in considering how God can restore you through your brokenness and bring your life to a beautiful place you never knew you’d find. Thanks, Daniel, for your help this week! – Timothy


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