‘I’ll Find You There’ from Jean Watson

How many times have you turned on your radio looking for a song to restore some hope for your day? Timely inspiration from God has a funny way of building great songs. The melody was an artist playing with a new sound. The lyrics were an on the spot improvisation. The result, well it speaks for it self. Please give a listen to Jean Watson and her song, “I’ll Find You There.”

For many, music can be a source of comfort in pain and so it should come as no surprise if you find yourself feeling more hopeful after hearing this song. To quote Jean’s words ‘When the day is over, all is said  and done, everything lost, and nothing won. There are no words left that can make it right again. It’s not the end.’

Now let me pause, because I can just hear some of you saying to your computer, “it may not be the end, but whats the point in striving onward now?” If that’s you, you are missing the point of the song and need to play it again. Your feelings of hurt and despair can vary well be justified. At the time Jean was led to write this song, a close friend would soon lose their son in a tragic accident. It’s natural to face death, or pain, or loss with despair. What Jean’s refrain reminds us is that there is a love that is not going anywhere and that can be found when we seek it. This is the eternal love of Christ.

This love does not require confidence, cheer, or hope to be accessed. This love does not require everything to be right to be felt. In fact, as she notes, this love “grows through pain and tears.” After all, think of the pain of the cross that Jesus knew He would need to shoulder on our behalf, and yet He looked past our sin to show us God’s love. When we are lost, Christ can find us. In fact, he may just help you realize He’s been with you all along, waiting to be a source of comfort.

Does timely music give you peace? If so, why not add this tune to your collection. Thanks for reading. – Timothy

‘I’ll Find You There,’ is the 6th track on the album Steady My Gaze from Jean Watson. Learn more about Jean and her latest projects by taking a trip over to her website, here.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 5 Stars


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