Saturday Night Call to Worship: ‘Joy’ – Vashawn Mitchell

Saturday Night Call to Worship is your chance to reflect on how you can prepare you’re life for worship before the car ride to your local worship service.

One way to get a heart ready for worship is simply to turn on some worship music and join the choir. Gospel music is great for this, and many of the modern choir songs you will hear sung at church were written or arranged by a gospel artist. ‘Joy’ from Vashawn Mitchell is just such a song, and it’s popularity has had it sitting in the second slot on Billboards Top Gospel Songs chart for more than a month. ‘Joy’ is a simple song of reflection, and that is a good place to begin any time or worship.

There’s beauty in my brokenness. I’ve got true love, instead of pain.

Isn’t funny how a praise song about Joy starts with an acknowledgement of brokenness? This is no rule that says hardship must prevent us from accessing our joy as God’s people. This song’s refrain tells us exactly where to look. Our joy as a Christian sometimes isn’t bubbling up like the well we expect, but if you are truly living in fellowship with Christ, His peace is there. If Christ is the foundation of your life, then joy can be found as we look toward eternity rather than tomorrow.

This is the purpose of worship anyway, to get our eyes off of ourselves and our failings and hurt, and to look to God as our savior. We wouldn’t need a savior if we could piece our lives together by ourselves. Jesus told us to bring our burdens and exchange them for his yoke, and a time of worship is as good a time as any to do just that.

While you do not have to wait until you enter a chapel to get your worship on, whenever you next take time to worship God, take time to look deep into your life, and embrace the foundation of Christ in your life. – Timothy


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