New Music: ‘Out of the Dark’ – Mandisa

Released: May 19th, 2017 / Total Tracks: 15  / My Favorite Song: Prove Me Wrong / Already on the Radio: Unfinished  / My Radio Recommendations: Bleed The Same, Prove Me Wrong, Out of the Dark / Sweet Sweet Album Rating: 3.8 (out of 5 Stars)

mandisaThe realm of Contemporary Christian Music has been in need of a dose of Mandisa, and just that happened last Friday as she released her latest studio album, Out of the Dark. Everyone knows Mandisa has a way of getting her listeners pumped up, but this album is also very open and honest about some of her own struggles over the last few years. (Learn more by watching this interview.) Mandisa brings up thoughts we all have had at times and sings the songs we want to, starting with my personal favorite from the album.

Timothy’s Favorite: Prove Me Wrong (5 Stars): The best way to listen to this song is with your eyes closed and taking in the words Mandisa has penned. The situation is not our own, but the feelings just pour out in a way many can identify with. The beautiful string/piano combo is a perfect compliment. In our dark times, I agree with our sister in that God is just fine with our honest hurt. In time, I think we all get just what we are asking for, proof of God’s goodness and love, but the waiting at times can just be so intense and painful. I simply adore this song. (Mandisa, I tip my fedora to you!) (Track 11)

Bleed The Same (4 Stars): This song has an intro before the song on the album, and it features Kirk Franklin giving some context for the tune. This song is a call for unity in a time when the things that divide us here in the United States are really boiling up, particularly with regards to racial tension between our law enforcement bodies and the African American community. You may not want to hear a song that addresses political issues, but the songs is a solid collaboration featuring Toby Mac. (Think Don’t wanna lose my soul.) (Track 6, just the song. Track 5 &6 with the Intro)

Out of the Dark (4 Stars): The title track for the project features a typical upbeat style from Mandisa. In this song, I get the feeling that Mandisa is singing about the refreshment she found as God brought some restoration into her depression. Based on her GMA interview, this could even be a direct song of thanks to her friends who made sure Mandisa and her gift for meaningful music were brought back to us. If I were smart I’d say it’s a bit of both. Either way, this song is a Mandisa track all the way. (Track 3)

Concluding Thoughts

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been waiting for a new project from Mandisa since I restored this blog to discussing music back in August 2015. Out of the Dark has plenty of the usual Mandisa, and I would put it in the running for Album of the Year. If you are a Christian who is facing some dark times too, this album will connect with you fairly directly. If you enjoy top quality Christian Music, I would highly recommend adding this album to your collection like I did. Thanks for reading!- Timothy

Ready to own your copy of Out of the Dark? Just click the link.



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