Saturday Night Call to Worship: ‘Children of God’ – Sommer Floyd

Ian 2When I get home most days, I am greeted a the door with jumping excited children who have been waiting to see me. Some afternoons I can just tell they’ve been waiting all day for me to come home. There is a joy the bubbles up from within when they know I’ve come home and I intend to spend the rest of the night home with our family.

I think this is an idea that we should consider in our worship. As we arrive at the church, we are gathering to give praise to our heavenly father. Are you happy to be in fellowship with the Lord? A simple concept, for sure, but as you prepare to worship tomorrow, are you sure that is the attitude you will have when you arrive?

As you prepare for worship, let this song from Sommer Floyd, ‘Children of God’, ring in your ears for a bit.  Prepare your mind to greet worship as a child eager to be in fellowship with their father. – Timothy

(I hope you have enjoyed the music of Sommer Floyd, our first Artist of the Month, for this past month of May.)


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