We Know Love: ‘Learning to Love’ – Consumed by Fire

1st John, chapter 4 teaches us that God is Love. So I think it is safe to say that Christians know Love!

The feeling of being loved is one of the surest ways to ensure the personal well being of a man or woman, or a child. Living in the embrace of love has a calming effect, and the feeling that love is too far away is often a key trigger of depression. For many new believers, it is the thought of God’s immense love that finally caused them to repent and obey. Love is powerful, and we all know it.

So, why are we SO BAD at using such a powerful tool? Perhaps we need to learn how to love!

(Oh look, the gents who comprise Consumed by Fire have a song for just such an occasion!)

Slotted as the 4th track on the Giving Over album from Consumed by Fire, ‘Learning to Love’ is a fun upbeat song that inspires all of us to jump on the train and learn how to love! The best lesson from this song comes in the refrain as they sing,

This simple line is a true key to proper understanding of love. We all want to be consumers of love, but the problem comes when we are asked to turn around and love in return. We too often spend time looking for reasons NOT to love someone. Whether it is because they look too different from us, because they are not exactly agreeable with us all the time, or simply because we haven’t tried, giving love is a skill we all need to embrace more!

Now, the thing is, as a Christian, we proclaim in that title the desire to be love. Learning to love is to learn to live as Christ wants us to. Wait, just like the guys said, ‘Learn how to love, and you learn how to live.’ I don’t know if they even know how well they have summarized both evangelism and discipleship. As we learn to become love as Christ was love, not only will we be growing in our faith, but we will be sharing the foundation of our lives to come in eternity. Learn how to love!

We know love, because the closer we get to Christ, the more you and I will see just everything love is truly capable of. Go ahead and download the track to your I-tunes playlist to serve as a reminder that your life in Christ is simply meant to be the time where you and I learn how to love. – Timothy

‘Learning to Love’ is the fourth song on the album Giving Over from Consumed by Fire, found on twitter @cbfmusic.

Sweet Sweet Song rating: 4 stars


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