#Pick5Fifth! June 5th, 2017

Five songs to enjoy this June 5th!

(1) Look A Little Higher from JJ Weeks Band

Today is a Monday, and it makes sense to start with a call to adjust our focus upwards, and this fun song from JJ Weeks is just that. Lyrics like, “Let go of all you think you can’t,” are just the sort of words you may need to hear as you prepare for the remainder of your work week, or whatever else life has planned for you.  (Track 3 on the album As Long As We Can Breathe, 2016)

(2) Beautiful Mess from Meredith Kinleigh

Who doesn’t feel like a bit of a mess when they are bombarded by children needing….well everything or having to rush out the door to start the day. This country styled track conveys the message that we won’t quite have it together, but we have a savior who is willing to work with us as we get better. Amen, right? (The lead song on the album Beautiful Mess, 2015)

(3) On The Authority from the Gaither Vocal Band

Feeling a bit disconnected from God lately? Maybe you feel like the Beautiful Mess you are isn’t something God wants to deal with. Well, give this classic from the Gaither Vocal Band a listen. It’s God’s Authority that offers you and I salvation, not ours, and our redemption is a delight to him as we live for Jesus! (Track 8 from the I Do Believe album, 2000)

(4) You Came Running from Laura Story

How many times have you had the feeling that everything is falling apart? No, I’m not talking just today. 🙂 When we are in a place of hardship, what a joy it is to know that God is a God who wants to live in fellowship with us, even to bring us comfort. This song expresses the relief that comes from knowing that God will come and help us in our times of need. (Track 3 from Open Hands album, 2017)

(5) Oh How We Love You from Tiff Joy

Hopefully after enjoying the first four songs, you’ll be ready to join Tiff Joy in this upbeat song of love for our redeemer. From the outset of the track, Tiff is proclaiming all the reasons we can praise this awesome God of ours. (Track 4 from the Tiff Joy Album, 2015)

Thanks for joining us today! Now hop over to twitter and share about your favorite tune from this lists using the #Pick5Fifth! Just like this:

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