‘Some hearts are built on a floodplain.”

Let’s be honest, living as a Christian has no guarantee that we will not live through seasons of despair and hardship. Haven’t you had days when you felt like one storm after another is keeping you drenched in struggle and sorrow? I’m sure some of my audience know this feeling all too well. I think ‘Floodplain’ from Sara Groves is a very honest song expressing genuine feelings of hurt and despair we all have. Here, go ahead, click the play button and listen to the song.

Now, this song is not direct in the way it calls a believer to contemplate where they are in their life. Sara is presenting the image of a floodplain, an area of land near a body of water that is susceptible to flooding. Obviously, the closer you build to the river, the more likely you are to be impacted by a major storm and flooding.

Sarah GrovesThis song is a reminder that for whatever reason, some people live in a place where storms are just more likely to trouble their lives. This serves two purposes. First, if you are not living in the same conditions, you cannot understand the struggle some regularly find themselves in. Hopefully this tune offers some perspective to be used as we minister to one another.

Secondly, other people live in a floodplain knowing the risks that are associated with their choice. The struggles they meet with should be expected, and can be all but self inflicted. For instance, if a man is watching porn, he is leaving himself open to lust and usually far worse. If a woman is constantly falling for the ‘bad boy’ types, just know that bad boys are by definition capable of bad things. Professionally, this may take the shape of looking for an ideal business to work for, but always finding that none are ideal.

‘Floodplain,’ for me is a song of honest reflection and contemplation. These are two things we can all benefit from, so thanks to artists like Sara who write songs for that exact purpose. I hope you’ll return to Sweet Sweet Sounds again! Timothy

‘Floodplain’ is the title track of Sara Groves‘ 2015 album Floodplain.


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