Saturday Night Call To Worship: Nothing Without You – Bebo Norman

The right attitude in worship goes a long way. If you or I enter a worship service with a self-righteous chip on our shoulder or an attitude of complete personal defeat, we may not really benefit from a worship gathering. Worship really begins when we pause from assessing our own value, and focus on the value God has brought to our lives. It is from this perspective the song, ‘Nothing Without You’ from Bebo Norman was written.

‘Take the hands and lift them up, for I have not the strength to praise You near enough.”

The very first words of this song, quoted above for you, present an idea of complete ineptitude when it comes to the singers ability to worship our Lord. Without the strength we receive from the Lord, how can we even perform the act of lifting our hands to God?  You may not want to take the logic steps it takes to arrive at this frame of mind, but you can at least consider the perspective of need these words call for.

How can you truly worship God if you feel like you have everything you need from Him? Similarly, how can you truly worship God if you feel like he’s never given you anything? If you are planning to enter worship tomorrow feeling complete in God or completely abandoned, I do not believe you will find much value in your time spent. Worship starts from a heart that knows that God brings value to our life!

I hope you will not only enjoy the song, but that you will take some time to dwell on the value you find in your relationship with God. – Timothy


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