Saturday Night Call to Worship

Why wait until Sunday morning to prepare for worship? Look for posts @ 8:00pm on Saturday Night that will offer songs to prepare our thoughts and minds for worship

#SNC2W: I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

Saturday Night Call to Worship Returns! Remember as you listen to the song, pause and meditate on the words. Whether this is a chance to shift your focus for Sunday worship services, or just another time for you and Jesus to share some time, it never hurts to stop and dwell on who our God is.

This may not be the version of “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” that you are familiar with, but if you’re like me, I’m sure you’re fine with hearing a favorite tune redone. This rendition was sent to me by the team at LYTE Worship. Formed by worship leaders from the Orange Co. California area, including Saddleback and Vineyard Churches, these voices are looking to offer praise that has the electronic sound many of us enjoy every other day of the week.

This particular song has been a favorite of praise and worship listeners for 20 years now. It’s a simple idea. We know the church is called to worship Christ. We know that when we are united with Him in Heaven we’ll be singing his praises too. No matter the context of our lives now, we can let our love for Christ get an early start into what will be our eternal practice of worship. We can sing of His love whenever, and forever.

Thank you to the team at LYTE worship for this track, and if you are not ready to let the electro-praise end after this song, they have a few more tracks they’ve covered together over at their soundcloud. These guys are just getting started, so stay tuned to their media outlets if this style of worship is making it easier for you to get honest with the Lord. Go ahead, spend some time in worship and reflection tonight. I know the LYTE worship group would be blessed to get your time of personal worship started, and if this is you, feel free to share your story in the comments!

Thanks for joining me tonight, Timothy.