#SNC2W: Live from LW Music

Saturday Night Call to Worship : Listen to the song, pause and meditate on the words. Whether this is a chance to shift your focus for Sunday worship services, or just another time for you and Jesus to share some time, it never hurts to stop and reflect on your worship of our Lord.

Earlier this week, a worship pastor from Living Waters Church in SW Florida reached out to me and informed me that their team was releasing a worship track today. Well, as this release coincides with our semi-regular Saturday Night Call to Worship segment, I wanted to join the release effort today.

LW Music

As a worship driven team of performers, the impact of their music is very important to them. The single being released today by LW Music is a track entitled Live. Give it a listen:

Live from LW Music

Worship can spring from many different realities. Many times it can come from accepting the truth of God’s holiness. Other times, worship springs from embracing the sacrifice of Christ. LW Music on this occasion is singing from the life we get to embrace after our salvation. From the purpose of our mission to the freedom from fear, there are numerous great reasons to live for Christ, and this is the praise sung by LW Music on this track.

I personally would say their style of worship comes more from Planetshaker’s side of music. The pop and electric sounds will connect most with those who want to be jumping and shouting as they are singing their worship. The lyrics are clear and effective at delivering their message too. Overall, the song is enjoyable and something I’d gladly add to my playlists.

As you focus on our Lord tonight, enjoy this song from the Living Waters church and let it pep up your worship in the days ahead. Do you have some more thoughts? Add them to the comments and I’ll be sure to join you. BTW, Ms. Nixaide Lopez is a follower of Sweet Sweet Sounds, so if you post a comment I bet she’ll respond too!

Thanks for reading – Timothy!

Oh Yeah, the band can be reached on instagram @lwmusicfl.