What Happened?

‘May was a great month, thinking about good songs and just when Timothy gets things going again….POOF! The ghost town returned. What Happened?’

If you are reading this post and and thinking about things like i just mentioned above, I want to thank you for enjoying my rather inconsistent blog. I mean that very sincerely! I am clearly not a champion of blogging. Sweet Sweet Sounds, for me, is a bit of a hobby, and like any hobby you’ve taken up before, sometimes a hobby ends up taking a backseat in life. Let me share a few of the road blocks that have kept me away.

To start with, my career in Christian Higher Education can be very demanding. Most weeks include at least one 12 hour day. When I get home, I am a father of four and a husband to my awesome wife. On top of this, I am also pursing a Master’s Degree. Unfortunately, Hobby time is limited during some seasons of life.

Secondly, I kinda got dissed by an artist this past summer. I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus, but it was a motivation killer. Obviously, as a Music Blogger, one of the things you try to do is to build connections with musicians behind the scenes. Knowing the heart behind a song, or knowing that the artist really tries to engage with a listener is huge inspiration for writing. In reverse, when an artist agrees to talk with you and then they give you the silent treatment, it burns. In the past year I’ve been blessed to chit chat it up with performers like Daniel Doss, Jordan St. Cyr, and Jean Watson. These performers are excellent in both talent and kindness towards a humble listener. As I try to work my way back into things this fall, I hope to meet more awesome performers like them. You can be sure these guys still have top notch character in my eyes, and I want to say that publicly as I sure a few of these guys are regular visitors.

Third, I think I’ve taken the numbers too seriously. I look at the numbers each month for hits, posts, the number of different countries who’ve sent me traffic, and I feel like things are good. However, that’s not what I want. I want to write about songs you and I both enjoy, and I want to hear from you and create a place where readers want to chime in and talk about their thoughts too. So, with that said I’m going to go stat blind during the month! If this blog if reaching people I’ll know from the comments and reactions I get, not from the stat records. (Plus, if we’re honest, too much of modern Christianity is hitting benchmarks for church attendance, beliefs, or behavior. The relationship with and approval from Christ is what really matters!)

TimothySo, with that said, I need your help. I’ve got some songs that I’m going to be talking about soon, but I know life will happen again. When you notice that I’ve been gone for a while and you want to see more here at Sweet Sweet Sounds, step up and say something! Like any friendship, if I know you want something, I’m more likely to deliver for you.

Thanks again for reading and liking this blog. Hopefully, I’ll make your attention worth it! – Timothy!

P.S. Check out the swag I got from Xandria Cross this summer! (Fedora not included, but totally awesome.)