Christian Music

Why I Tune In…

If you’re like me, the decision to tune in to your local Christian station is not as easy as you would think…..

W h A t   D O   y O u   m E A n,  N O T   E A S Y!

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my Lauren Daigle, Mandisa, tobyMac, SC² (think dancing with Cinderella), and many other talented performers who bring Godly messages to our eagerly awaiting ears. However when I am in my car and my loaded set of CD’s isn’t speaking to me, I turn on the radio and I just get frustrated. When I dial over to my local station, shout out to 91.1 Spirit FM out of Roanoke, I want to hear God speak to me in song.

Thanks for interrupting, Bart, but no, I mean I’m looking to have God intervene in my life with a word because He’s sent it for my ears for just such a time. This is exactly what happened when I heard from Caleb Hammon a few weeks back. I’m in the process of stepping out in faith and returning to my adopted home state of Georgia, and out of the blue God hand-picked a song and a messenger to tell me to ‘Hold on Tight’, but He’s Got me.

However, it seems like, at least for many of the stations I hear, we’ve got a limit to who can be played and which tracks we can hear. When I first started Sweet Sweet Sounds back up a few years ago, I made it a habit to find streams from all over the US, and at times in Canada and around the globe. What I found more often than not was that the same songs are played everywhere with little variety. Most stations are branded as ‘Positive and Encouraging. rather than directly saying they are representing God. Sure, the on air personalities will talk about Christ and the hope he brings, but that rarely is more than the surface of the faith and it almost never addresses the real struggles of the walk many of us face on a daily basis.

For instance, when major flooding happens around the country, they’ll revive Ryan Stevenson’s Eye of the Storm.‘ and they’ll stir the support for disaster relief. Nothing wrong with this. Hope is important, and when a tragedy hits, I’m sure this song offers comfort to many. However, there are also those of us who are tuning in because we are dealing with a hateful boss, a child who is just not getting God’s plan for them, or a loneliness in spirit or year’s long struggle for comfort.

Hillary Scott can remind us that we need to accept God’s Will and let it be done. Hillsong adds that Jesus’s name is uniquely strong and powerful. A Chris Tomlin song will then come on, and maybe encourage us to praise again. These are powerful messages, but there are so many messengers who God is calling out who we are not invited to listen to.

When I tune in to hear Christian Music, I want to know that God is speaking to me. Now, I’m not foolish enough to think that every song will be played just for me. However, I know that many of the songs chosen are just chosen because they are the names we know. If we do not let more of God’s messenger’s speak, the stations we support will be limited in the ways they can impact the kingdom.

Thanks for letting me rant. Now, enjoy a track from our brother, the Lyrical Preacha.