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Throwback Thursday: Can’t Live a Day

What would life without Jesus look like for you?

This is a personal question only you can answer. What meaning has a life committed to Jesus brought to you? In my life, I can tell you I found peace that I did not have before getting serious with Him. My life has always been connected to the church, but that alone did not calm my personal rage I had as a child. I do not think I would have my wife and family had my anger not been quenched, so I can point to Christ for much more than just my salvation. This is a common story for Christians, as you can see from the song ‘Can’t Live a Day’ from Avalon.


An 18 year old song from their ‘In A Different Light’ album, ‘Can’t Live a Day’ is a classic ballad type testimony. Avalon’s song starts with some honest of contemplation.

‘I could live life alone, and never fill the longings of my heart…’

The words all ask the question, “What part of life is Jesus filling for you?” Is He healing your loneliness? Is He bringing some of your hopes into reality? Perhaps it is not as pretty, and He is one of the last comforts you have. This beautiful song is a great way to reflect on how Jesus can bring fulfillment to our lives.

The refrain of this song is a confession of fulfillment we can find in Christ. Sure we can get by without plenty of things, but what life be without our Jesus? I hope you’ll stop an listen to this song a time or two and consider how Jesus brings good things to your life. – Timothy

‘Can’t Live a Day is the 4th track on the album, In A Different Light from Avalon.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 4 Stars