Tim Says, “TURN IT UP!”

Turn it UpWe should ENJOY listening to good music. This is Especially true when the good music we are hearing has a message we want others to hear. So….sometimes we simply need to TURN IT UP!

From time to time, I’m going to post a topic about a song that I have really been enjoying, or that I think has an important message. When you see these topics we’re going to have a little fun together. (If you dare!)

When you see these posts, you have some responsibilities.

  1. If you read the post, you are strongly urged to listen to the song.
  2. Once you have listened to the song, you are hereby petitioned to listen for it every time you have the radio on or you hear someone else playing music.
  3. If you hear this song playing, turn up the volume! If your friend/spouse/co-worker/children are listening, ask them to turn it up. You can even say, “Tim Says, ‘Turn It Up!'”
  4. It would also be very kind to post that you heard the song on facebook or twitter mentioning the hashtag #TimSaysTURNITUP! . You may also want to mention where you heard the song. I’ve left sample comments on my blog posts and facebook page.
  5. Failure to turn up the volume every time you hear this song playing will result in catastrophic frowning.

Why do it? Well, I have few good reasons.

  1. You stay involved in your listening. This is a way to train your ear to hear things that you feel have a meaning for your life, rather than just enjoying the sounds that are passively moving through one ear and out the other.
  2. If you turn up the songs that have a good message, you have an easy way to share a few things such as:  A) Christian Music, and in correlation, Christianity isn’t as boring as it is assumed to be. B) The songs have the seeds of the gospel in them, so putting an emphasis on a particularly good song allows you to passively point out those messages. C) You may even be presented an opportunity to personally explain the message of the given song.
  3. Turning up good music is FUN!

My personal style is to roll power down the windows of my car, crank up the volume, and cruise down the road. Just ask my co-workers or some of my students;  My little white Nissan Versa Hatchback has pumped out some fun music.

I don’t just want to hear Christian music and give a thumbs up or thumbs down on it. I want to enjoy it, share it, and be encouraged by it. This is just one way I think we would all enjoy doing it. – Thanks, Timothy.