Song/Album Ratings

Five Stars

Epic Song – These songs are so good I am ready to hear them again when the song finishes. These songs deserve Radio Play in my opinion.

Epic Album – This album has nothing but 4/5 star songs, and is a CD you can’t keep from playing. This would be an album that comes to mind immediately and is regularly brought up in Christian Music Discussion

Four Stars

Awesome Song – Worthy of chart consideration, a song that makes you stop and listen, but does not compel an instant repeat. These songs deserve Radio Play in my opinion

Awesome Album – This is an album I would recommend regardless of genre tastes. Either the tracks are all high quality, or the messages are extremely powerful.

Three Stars

Great Song – A song you enjoy. Could get some radio play, but don’t expect to hear it played a few years from now.

Standard Album – In my opinion, an album is worth the CD price when the average track is a great song you enjoyed listening to. My recommendation to developing artists would be to opt for a shorter album with better songs, rather than to offer music that is just there for getting your voice out there.

Two Stars

Good Song – This song has artistic quality, solid lyrics, or good music, but doesn’t jump out at you. These are the songs that you will listen to, but not buy.

Developing A Sound – A two star album can be expected from an artist finding their sound, or who just doesn’t have the resources to produce something more powerful. You won’t be compelled to buy if there are not at least a few tracks that offer 4 star appeal.

One Star

Song – This is a song that sounds like or feels like something a person could ad lib while relaxing in their house. Think of the guy you know who puts everything to song. Yes he can make the words sound pretty, but that doesn’t make it anything more than someone singing.

Deal Breaker/Money Back Album – This is an album you are wondering who told them they should record an album. The sound may be off, the vocals may be poor, or the lyrics may be plain. Think of this as an album where they could have picked just about anyone with musical talent to perform. This album would only contain 1 star and 2 star tracks. (Good News, these are RARE!)