Tabitha (Blogger)

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Tabitha – from GSUS LUVS U

I enjoys writing about life, funny stuff that happened to me, and music that I really like.  I am a fan of Doctor Who.  I play piano and guitar and help lead worship at my church. 

My favorite thing about Christian music is that the lyrics have a purpose and a real meaning, and music is so powerful that it can change a life.  The most important reason to listen to Christian music (in my opinion) is the power and beauty of the lyrics, but also the old saying “garbage in, garbage out.”  Whatever you are listening to will begin to subconsciously influence your thoughts and thus your actions.  When you’re listening to Christian music, you’re putting positive Christian messages into your brain.

I live in the backwoods of Virginia with my family and cat.  I also volunteer sometimes at our local Christian radio station, and I am the writer of

My Sweet Sweet Articles Include:

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