Listening —> Life: Anticipation

They are the Big Names for a reason. Their songs play on radio stations around the nation and the world because their music sounds great, they have a great message, and we want to hear more from them. Unfortunately, creating great music takes time, and as you know, most albums have less than 15 tracks on them. The typical artist only releases a new album once every two to three years, but sometimes even longer.

One thing I’ve learned however is that August through October is usually a great time to expect new albums from the big names in the Christian Music world. Sure enough, we already have a few big names we can look forward to hearing from!

Lauren Daigle – Look Up Child Arrives September 7th

Last week Lauren Daigle released her latest single, ‘You Say’. Lauren burst onto the scene as Christian Music’s answer to Adele, and literally every song from her album, How Can It Be, is top quality work. Her most recent album was a Christmas album called Behold. Honestly, I was not impressed, but I’m also not a major fan of Christmas albums. ‘You Say’ sounds like the kind of song we love from Lauren Daigle, and so I’m eager to hear the rest of this latest album.

for KING & COUNTRY – Burn The Ships Arrives October 5th

One month after Lauren’s album drops, we’ll get treated to some more songs from the Smallbone brothers.  Burn The Ships will be the third full length album from for KING & COUNTRY and if it is anything like the first two, we’ll have plenty of unique sounding hits to enjoy. They released the single, ‘Joy,’ late last month so we have a sample from this album too!

Who Else?

Last week NEEDTOBREATHE released the single ‘Bridges Burn,’ while TobyMac released the single, ‘I Just Need You,’ back in January. When new singles are dropping it is safe to assume a full length project is around the corner, which NEEDTOBREATHE has already confirmed, but no additional details are available yet.

It’s also been a while since we’ve received new work from Natalie Grant, Francesca Battistelli, and Danny Gokey to name just a few. Have a favorite you’re hoping to hear from? Tell me in the comments!

One great place to stay in the know about new releases coming up is to regularly check in with New Release Today. They are regularly updating a list of projects to watch for in the months ahead. They have projects set to drop from Phil Wickham and Jonny Diaz this summer, and those are just two of the biggest names.

Keep Exploring

If you are a Sweet Sweet Sounds regular, you know I’ll also encourage you to get out there and explore the net for new names to love. I’ll be sure to do my part for you and bring you some new names in the next few months.

In short, if you are ready to expand the music collection, be prepared. New Music is on the way from both big and small names. Whether you get your first taste here at Sweet Sweet Sounds or you are the one letting me know about the great sounds you have found, I can’t wait for more new songs! Thanks for dropping by, Timothy!