Author: Timothy Hegerich

I seek God's encouragement through music. I would Imagine that I'm not alone. I'm 31, happily married, and a father of four little blessings. I work as a college enrollment professional, so Sweet Sweet Sounds is just my hobby. I hope you enjoy my thoughts.

Site News

Well, in case you have not noticed, Sweet Sweet Sounds is slowly waking up from a 6 month hibernation. What does this mean? Only God knows.

However, during this long slumber, there was some nice news. According to, this blog is ranked 74th on the web for Christian Music. Not bad for a sleeping blog. I guess google bots have a thing for Christian Music. 🙂 Here, check it out.

On a musical note, we recently featured a single that was the debut track for Caleb Hammon. He’s looking for support in getting his first album made. You can help out by donating at here.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more from Sweet Sweet Sounds!