Sweet Sweet Sounds: The Global Edition 1.0!

This past month, I have received many, many submissions from up and coming artists, or artists who are already established, but not necessarily household names. Better than that, however, is the fact that many of them are from outside the US. Here are four submissions from artists across the ocean, or maybe just a land border.

Timothy from Jamaica

Jamaican FlagHey, I’m allowed to be partial, and I think he has a GREAT name! Now Seriously, I’m a big fan of hip hop and rap, and this track is fun, and well produced. Timothy’s track ‘Bright Days’ reminds us that life has its seasons. Most Christians are familiar with the teachings of Ecclesiastes 3, but Timothy brings the thoughts to light with Rhythm and Poetry. Wanna keep up with him? Why not start with following him on facebook?

Rosemary Siemens from Canada

Flag_of_Canada_(Pantone).svgUp in Maple Leaf land, a more classically focused artist is well established. Canadian Rosemary Siemens has had her share of triumphs in her career so far, but she is currently working on a series of videos that look to revive a love for the hymns of yesterday. No one hymn speaks to more people than ‘Amazing Grace,’ and I’m sure you can appreciate the reflective peace that embodies this track. Here’s one way to find out more about Rosemary.

Leon Lieffijn from the Netherlands

netherlandsFellowship with God is an important part of our faith, and it requires that we make the effort to seek him. This light pop track, ‘To Be Near You,’ from dutchman Leon Lieffijn offers that reminder in an enjoyable fashion. Leon also showcases some impressive range when the there is a key change after the bridge. Here’s how you can connect with Leon’s work.

CRC Worship out of South Africa

South africaWrapping up this global adventure is a track from the worship band of the Christian Revival Church out of Pretoria, South Africa. CRC Worship recently released a new EP, and this track, ‘Even I,’ is included. A praise and worship song focused on how the gift of Christ is available to all, ‘Even I,’ reminds listeners that each of us can be redeemed. Of course, a worship band would offer up worship style music, so if that is what you enjoy, why not go out and grab the full project?

And there you have it!

Sometimes it is important to remember that God is calling people from every tribe and tongue to worship him. While this article features four talents, Sweet Sweet Sounds has featured artists from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and even Singapore, and these are just songs performed in English. As you look to build your Christian Music Collection, be sure to take some time to explore what’s available outside the US. You’ll be glad you did.

This concludes my first completely international spotlight, but I hope to get more talents from abroad to share soon. Have a recommendation? Leave a message in the comments. As always, thanks for dropping by today! – Timothy



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