Saturday Night Call to Worship

#SNC2W: Reckless Love from Cory Asbury

Worship is an anytime thing. However, if you want to enter your corporate worship gathering with a bit more ‘juice,’ come regularly on Saturday Nights for a song of meditation and worship.

God’s love is a great thing to be thinking about as a starting point for worship. If you think about how sinful mankind can be and then move on to how Jesus still died for us, it’s hard not to be humbled a little bit. Yes, we see people who will sacrifice their life for someone who deserves a longer shot at life. Who though would think to die for someone who is vile and cruel to them? This is what Jesus did for us. This kind of love and kindness is amazing.

Clearly, Reckless Love from Cory Asbury shares the same idea. What Jesus did for us was truly reckless. He died for us, taking the punishment for our sins knowing that we could still look at him and say he deserved to die. We know some of the pharisees felt this way. We may even know someone in our lives who knows the story of Jesus and still won’t accept the gift his love and sacrifice have offed us.

Without the reckless love of Jesus, our faith is pointless. Why worship a God who can’t or won’t try to do anything possible to redeem his people? That’s not our Jesus. He lived a sinless life when we cannot. He died as a sinner so we would not have to. This is a Reckless Love. Take some time tonight to join me in considering the great Reckless love of Jesus.

Embrace the meditation and reflection – Timothy